Here is the video from my talk at a recent conference on mobile telephony in the developing world organised by Laura Stark and colleagues at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) 23-25 May 2013. This was a fascinating conference and I am grateful to the organizers for hosting me, and for putting the three keynotes online.


The talk details some of the ideas I am working on about how ICT4D/M4D and New Media Studies might best approach/understand mobile internet use in the developing world. One key, I think, is to evaluate mobile use as part of people’s shifting digital repertoires, rather than trying to theorize mobile (or mobile internet) use in isolation. On his blog John Postill posted a great rundown of and reflections on the main points in my talk. Hop over there for further conversation.

In a separate post, he also details his talk from the same event –  Mobile Phones and Actual Changes in the Global South. His remarks cautioned us against the pressure to describe and document sociotechnical change currently underway, and invited instead reflection on the near past, on change already observable, as a good place for generative theory. It was a great experience to integrate and discuss the comments from John Postill and the third keynote from Julie Soleil Archambault.  We had a nice dialogue across the keynotes, mixing between instrumental “4d” frames and broader discussions of appropriation, and shifted focus from near past to current complexities to some near-future projections  (mobile data is coming….). Across the three keynotes, and in combination with all the fascinating papers presented in panel sessions, I think the conference captured the state-of-the discussion on mobiles in the Global South.

By the way, early summertime in Jyvaskyla is beautiful, and the days are quite long. This was taken after dinner, I think….