6 thoughts on “conference paper: exploring first-time internet use via mobiles in a South African women’s collective

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  2. Nish McCree-Hale

    Thanks for sharing this pre-publication version of your abstract. The M4D applications that you discuss make me think about very rural communities, and ways people living in them use their mobile phones. For example, I visited Maasai friends in one of their very rural communities in Tanzania in June. Almost everyone in the boma had a mobile phone. They used them largely for the sms features, however one of the Maasai guys working in Dar used his phone to upload cell credits to his mom back in the boma. She later resold those credits to members of the community to earn a little extra income-pretty ingenious (hope that’s legal). Anyway, it will be great to see more communities exploring other aspects of mobile phone uses including internet browsing as part of their habitus with ICTs. I’ll be at the #mHealth (Mobile Health) conference in DC when you’re presenting this abstract. I’ll follow you on Twitter for updates on cool things going on at IDIA. Feel free to do the same for updates from #mHealth. Keep up the excellent research!

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